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Meet the Band!

Belinda Penrose:

The heart of Cottonwood Stash. Singing songs by Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt, Tammy Wynette and many other great ladies of the classic country genre is what puts that million-dollar smile on her face. When she's backing up Tim's earthy vocals, well, together they just bring those good ol' favorites back to life. On stage in her country-finest western wear, this bass player is a delight to see as well as to hear.

Tim Penrose:

The soul of Cottonwood Stash. Tim's vocal style has been likened by many to Waylon Jennings, one of the main influences of the band. Tim's been singing since his fiddle-playing daddy first asked him if he could sing along to a tune by Hank Williams. It was Your Cheatin' Heart ; the year was 1966 and Tim's been playing and singing ever since. A veteran of two earlier groups, also called Cottonwood Stash (1968-1971 and 1974-1980), Tim is the original and driving force of the band.

Tom Story:

Cottonwood Stash's two-in-one. A man of experience and many talents, Tom switches easily between pedal steel guitar to lead guitar and back again. Also an accomplished drummer, he's played with numerous bands from Michigan to the Valley of the Sun. Don't be fooled by his 'aw, shucks' Midwestern demeanor, this guy has a quick smile and keen wit that always shines through!

Jim O'Neill:

Jim keeps the band on the beat. A master technician, Jim is proficient in everything from classic country and classic rock to hard rock, metal and blues. A dedicated drum teacher, Jim also tunes, buys and sells used kits. When he's not playing, buying or teaching drums, he's helping clients get fit as a personal trainer.


Cottonwood Stash


Cottonwood Stash


Cottonwood Stash